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The Mother Earth Project

We all live on this little blue ball in space we call Earth, there is no place else to go. We can't just up and move to a planet in a nicer solar system, yet we treat our home like trash, with seeming little regard for the future. 

Global Climate Change, Fracking, toxic chemical leaks, oil spills, big money buying elections, all in the name of progress? I think not, all in the name of greed of a few. If we don't change course we will find ourselves in extremis, on a collision course to a bleak future for our children and our children's children. 

The Mother Earth Project is a three phase art project which will help draw attention to these ills we perpetrate on ourselves and our home. It is my hope that this will help drive peaceful activism to promote Climate Change and Conservation efforts worldwide. 

I will be posting this project on Kickstarter in hopes of being funded to pursue this project.

Phase I: The Poem Written Around The World!  

This is my poem Mother Earth which gave birth to this endeavor. This poem will be inscribed on the abstract driftwood sculpture I will create called, of course Mother Earth! I don't feel this poem is complete because as is it speaks my mind, it doesn't speak yours. I want this poem to be completed by the people of the world, the Children of our Mother Earth. 

I want this poem to speak for you because it is you speaking. I will accept inputs of one to two verses from everyone who wants to submit one. I will accept inputs in the native written language (please provide English translation) which if chosen will also be etched into the sculpture until I have at least one from every country and all 50 United States. All verses received will be included in a book which will contain inputs and pictures from everyone who submits a verse. 

Submitted verses must stay within the theme of my original verses.

Submit verses by sending an email to; motherearthpoem@accidentalartgallery.com

Be sure to include your name, age, country and email address in order to be properly credited for your submission.

I will be accepting inputs until May 13, 2015. Get it out to people you know, solicit their inputs, ignite their creativity!

Here is the poem, finish it!

Mother Earth
Mother Earth, Mother Earth
Giver of life, suffer the scars of man’s toil and strife
You give us your love so passionate and wild
Only to be shunned by the petulant child
We slash you, hack you, burn and attack you
Bare us your soul
Give us your flesh, your blood, your bones
Give us our due for we are human kind
Willfully ignorant, willfully blind
Can you ever forgive those who have spurned you?
Continue to love those who have burned you
Will love and compassion defeat avarice and greed?
Or, will you bear silent witness to man’s final deed
Mother Earth, Mother Earth
We suck at your breast
Will we take all you have, leave none for the rest?
Will we forsake our own future, have we given our best
Will we leave a stark legacy for those left behind?
Will man’s own folly be the end of our kind?
Will love and compassion destroy envy and hate?
Will we heal our own souls before it’s too late?
Will we spread our disease to the far away stars?
Taking from others, claiming it’s ours
Or, will you shed of this plague and start anew
Will love and compassion win out the day?
Or, will our own selfish greed get in the way?
Mother Earth, Mother Earth
Your song is so clear
But how can we know it while living in fear
Will love and compassion give us one last chance,
or will you play us the Tango at humanity’s last dance?

Phase II: The Creation of Mother Earth

I'm an artist with my chosen medium being driftwood in styles I call Abstract Drift and Driftwood Fusion, my piece 'Phoenix Denied?' is a perfect example of both styles combined. Etched into the copper is my original poem of the same name and which was the inspiration for the piece;
Phoenix Denied?
Rise from the ashes, creature of lore
Give some hope to the downtrodden and poor
Mythical bird of light and fire
Rise from the ash of our funeral pyre
Give us our hopes, give us our dream
Cleanse this world of man’s evil most schemes
Remember the hopes of those who have tried
To salvage this world from those who decry it
Rise from the ash, creature of hope
Can you not see we’re at the end of our rope?
We know in our hearts what is right, what is wrong
We show it in dance, sing it in song
Is this enough love for you to act on?
Will you be our salvation and soar up on high? 
Or will you simply be…..
…..Phoenix Denied?

I intend to create 'Mother Earth' a driftwood sculpture in the same way, using driftwood and other elements to convey the damage we have done and are still doing to our planet yet shows that there is hope for a better future. 

Carved into the piece will be the poem 'Mother Earth' with the goal of having one verse from every country. 

Phase III: The Mother Earth Documentary

Tying everything together will be the documentary I am writing to capture both the creation of the sculpture but life on the Chesapeake Bay's Eastern Shore, centered in and around Chestertown, MD.  

This film would document life on the Eastern Shore, the challenges the people face and the hardships of those who work the bay for a living. It would cover the conservation efforts to Save the Bay, and the artisans who are inspired by it. 

Enjoy the slide show and support The Mother Earth Project!

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